Lowongan Kerja Medan di Medco Geotrhermal Sarulla Tarutung Sumut

Sumber Utama Lowongan Kerja Medan khusus loker di Kota Medan yang di informasikan oleh Poskerjamedan, kali ini Poskerjamedan.com akan menginformasikan Lowongan Kerja Medan di Medco Geotrhermal Sarulla Tarutung Sumut Silahkan di Baca, dan Selamat mencari kerja

Loker Medan. Informasi terbaru dari Poskerjamedan.com untuk info terkini Lowongan Kerja Medan September 2016 di Medco Geothermal Sarulla Perusahaan yang pertama kali didirikan pada tahun 1980 dengan nama Meta Epsi Pribumi Drilling Company  (MEDCO) Perusahaan yang bergerak dalam Bidang Distribusi dan Perdagangan Gas Tambang Batu Bara dan  Ketenagalistrikan. Medco Geothermal saat ini telah beroperasi secara Nasional dan "Go International" yang memiliki beberapa Proyek besar yang tersebar di kawasan wilayah Indonesia.

Saat ini Medco Geothermal Sarulla membuka Lowongan Kerja sedang mencari para profesional untuk mengisi lowongan untuk ditempatkan di Tarutung , Sumatera Utara untuk posisi berikut :

1. Operation Manager (OM) 

Job Description:
  1. Responsible in reviewing plant performance in accordance with the established Company goals and objectives.
  2. Develop, maintain and supervises an Operation workforce qualified to perform all work necessary to maintain plant production facilities in a safe and efficient operating conditions;
  3. Initiates and implements procedures and/or specific instruction for the correct and proper start-up, routine operation and shutdown of turbine and generators and auxiliary equipment; regularly reviews start-up, operating and shutdown procedures are accurate, regularly updated and properly disseminated to subordinates; 

2. Plant Technician Shift Leader (SL)

Job Description:
  1. Supervise operations personnel under his shift and is responsible for their training, conduct and actions.
  2. Oversee the safety of all equipment and personnel during his shift including maintenance personnel and contractors.
  3. Coordinate with the Mechanical Supervisor and other maintenance personnel for the timely performance of predictive, preventive and corrective task and in a manner consistent with the established procedures.
  4. Ensure that routine operation tasks are performed as scheduled.

3. Plant Technician (PT) 

Job Description:
  1. Operate the power plant and auxiliaries in a safe and efficient manner
  2. Adhere to and supports all company safety and environmental rules, policies, and procedures
  3. Perform switchyard operation and closely coordinate with the Shift Leader for timely restoration of the power plant / switchyard / transmission line during any system / equipment tripping
  4. Ensure that all equipment is properly maintained and supports all other maintenance activities in the plant.

4. Plant Technician - Steam Field (SF)

Job Description:
  1. Executing direct orders from the Plant Technician Shift Leader or Operations Manager to operate the Production and Reinjection System (PRS) flash plants or Separators, field equipment, steam purity monitoring system, brine pump system, production and injection wells.

5. Maintenance Technician (MT)
  • Maintenance Technician - Mechanical )
  • Maintenance Technician - Machinist
  • Maintenance Technician - Welder/Fitter
Job Description:
  1. Performs predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance activities on all the plant's mechanical equipment and systems in accordance to the company's established maintenance, safety and environmental standars.
  2. Conductd routine inspection and monitoring of all mechanical/Machine/rotating equipment conditions and immediately report to the superior any indications of abnormality based on the established standards set by the department.
  3. Conduct pipefitting, welding, and fabrication work pertaining to Power Plant mechanical maintenance and assists in Power Plant mechanical preventive and corrective maintenance works.

6. Plant Chemist (PC)

Job Description:
  1. Monitoring of the quality of steam and brine fluids, pH modification, lube oil, transformer oil, air quality including H2S filter service life and cooling water chemistry and other jobs requiring laboratory services.
  2. Provide support to the operations and maintenance activities requiring laboratory services; Execute health, security, environmental and safety rules and regulations of the company

7. Geo Chemist (GC)

Job Description:
  1. Monitoring of the quality of steam and brine fluids, production and reinjection well conditions and other jobs requiring laboratory services
  2. Monitor steam and brine fluid quality thru periodic sampling and analyzing and provide copies of the results to the Plant Manager, Operation and Maintenance Supervisors
  3. Prepare well maintenance planning in coordination with Plant Operation and Maintenance Department

8. Warehouse Technician (WT)

Job Description:
  1. Maintaining and operating the warehouse facility, ensuring the accuracy and availability of materials inventory f consumables needed for the plant operations and maintenance
  2. Receive goods into the warehouse stock  including issue stock items from warehouse inventory and record such transactions for reconciliation. Regularly provide his immediate superior information on critical, non-moving, excess inventories and discrepancies for action/disposition

9. Supervisor (HR)

Job Description:
  1. Ensure the compliance of the policies & procedures related with the Human Resources activities
  2. Implement approved HR program including recruitment, compensation and benefit, Industrial Relation, performance management and Human Resource Management System

General Requirements:
  • Graduate of Bachelor Engineering Degree Mechanical / Electrical / Industrial / Chemical (OM & SL, GC) and Graduate of Bachelor from any major for HR position Diploma 3 Degree in Engineering Mechanical/ Electrical / Machinery / Chemical (PT, SF, MT, PC & WT)
  • Minimum 10 year technical experience in power plants or similar heavy industry, including 5 years minimum at geothermal facilities (OM) and Minimum 5 year technical experience in power plants or similar heavy industry, including 2 years minimum at geothermal facilities (SL, PT, SF, MT, PC ,GC & HR)
  • Good computer skills; MS Office is mandatory (OM & SL) ;
  • Good communication and reporting skills bot verbal and in writing, specifically in English language (OM ,SL & HR);
  • Having experiences in multi-national project development performed in various countries is desirable but not essential (All Position);
  • Willingness to work during weekends, holidays or overtime for eligible position as necessary (All Position);
  • Willingness to relocate in Tarutung, North Sumatra (All Position);
  • Multi-cultural knowledge and working experience (All Position).

 Send your application, CV, Copy ID and Photo and put position code applied as email subject to:


  • Lamaran selambat-lambatnya 17 September 2016

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