Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di UNIQLO - UNIQLO GOES TO CAMPUS

Sumber Utama Lowongan Kerja Medan khusus loker di Kota Medan yang di informasikan oleh Poskerjamedan, kali ini Poskerjamedan.com akan menginformasikan Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di UNIQLO - UNIQLO GOES TO CAMPUS Silahkan di Baca, dan Selamat mencari kerja

POSKERJAMEDAN.COM - Lowongan Kerja Medan Terbaru di UNIQLO is able to produce such an amazing number of unique products because our business model unifies the entire clothes-making process--from planning and design through production, distribution, and retail. UNIQLO's market share is expanding worldwide as it develops radical new materials together with the world's best fabric technology innovators and creates basic designs using superior natural materials. UNIQLO LifeWear is high-quality, innovative clothing that is universal in design and comfort. It is made for everyone, everywhere. UNIQLO leverages today's increasingly digital world to communicate directly with customers and quickly transform their desires into actual products.

Kami dari CUSTOMMICE PROJECT bekerjasama dengan PT. FAST RETAILING INDONESIA (UNIQLO) akan melaksanakan kegiatan rangkaian Hiring Tahun 2020.

Don't miss it!
In this momment, you will learn about Uniqlo as fashion retail industry and many more.
so, for you as value candidates, come join us!

This event is fully supported by @custommice_project as main vendor of recruitment event for UNIQLO Indonesian worldwide.

Information : WA 081370443124

Registration link : bit.ly/uniqlogoestoUSU

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